About C3D Imagery

C3D Imagery has produced videos and virtual tours, viewed over 2 million times.

Our clients have included private schools and churches across the U.S. Daily, we dedicate hours towards research and development to deliver the latest forms of virtual reality and video. Our goal is to make your reality better than reality.

C3D Imagery, LLC is a small team of highly-specialised individuals, and continues to grow.

Founded in New York City and currently based in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, C3D Imagery produces world class virtual tours from a small part of Little America.

C3D Imagery grew out of work in private K-12 education and visual arts & technologies. Already familiar with private school culture and marketing, transitioning into a private K-12 VR/Video production was a perfect fit. 

Through infrared sensors and lots of cameras, we present reality in an immersive virtual platform.

Having captured the dimensions of a space, C3D Imagery produces a 3D model to create a true-to-life virtual experience.

A viewer is able to navigate the space step by step just as you would in real life.

We link hundreds of 360 degree panoramic images within a virtual platform.

Then we geographically embed videos, photos, and text to further educate and optimize viewer engagement.

We are proud to produce virtual tours that feature an intuitive, streamlined user experience unrivaled in our market.

Aesthetics. Intuitiveness. Elegance.

C3D Imagery’s virtual tours implement technology beyond anyone else, so that you stand out.


Your school culture, curriculum, and community is unique. 

We cater to your uniqueness with flexibility in our services, timelines, payment options to meet your needs. We give you the entire range of media production necessary to make a complete virtual tour of the campus.


Virtual tours are made up of 360 photos, videos, and engaging copy.

Often, photographers and videographers leave you looking like everyone else. And most 360° producers don’t deliver user-friendly experiences.

Our top priorities are to create intuitive, engaging, and compelling visual  experiences with the latest techniques and equipment. 

C3D Imagery brings you the complete package; end-to-end capture and delivery of seamless online experiences, all media and copy included.


Most media companies don’t focus on distinct niches. They constantly foray into new fields. But they lack the particular knowledge and expertise to solve the unique challenges you face.

We have built up our specialty working with many private K-12 schools. Several of our team members have worked in schools, and have extended experience in marketing them.

We have the experience to tailor our services to fit your needs.


We believe that there are droves of untold, unknown forces for good all around us.

They only need a little light to make a big impact.

Our goal is to help another cause come to the light, that it may grow and bear fruit for the world.

About Jonathan


Top 3 Books: Zag by Marty Neumeier, The Fulfillment of All Desire by Ralph Martin, The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton

What are challenges marketers face that they want your help with?

I’ve come across many marketers who represent wonderful institutions, with noble missions and excellent execution, who nevertheless struggle differentiating themselves from others that talk but don’t walk the walk.

So I help school differentiate themselves. The key in such situations is to reveal more, to better express thoroughly the particular aspects of your institution that make it a gem. 

Top marketers present their clients as strong trees. It’s ok to present numerous strengths, but show the depth of your roots.

I help principals and marketers engage their audience, differentiate themselves from look-a-like’s, and show the depth of their many strengths.

What qualifies you for working in your current position?

During my five years studying for the Catholic priesthood, two years working at a Catholic high school, I came to recognize the importance of education in the betterment of the world and learned much about school educational marketing in general. I have since applied this experience to my skill in media production for K-12 private schools. With every new project, I have learned, improved, and and am happier to produce ever better media and consulting services to my clients. 

What do you do at C3D Imagery?

I steer the ship.

More specifically, I observe and study the strategies and trends of schools to improve the effectiveness of our videos and virtual tours.

In technology and marketing, it’s a constant race to be first. I am constantly fine tuning and developing our capabilities by incorporating new equipment, software, and techniques into our reality capture and story telling process.

I am vigilant, searching for new talent to join our team and better processes to make us more effective.

What are the values that drive you?

Everything we build, enjoy, and do in this life is “shadows and dust.” From the perspective of eternity, only one thing matters – whether in the war of good and evil we turn outwards to the Good or inwards to selfishness.

My purpose in life and in business is to turn outwards, receive the Good, reciprocate, spread, and assist others in experiencing the Good in this life and in the next. I do this in a small but significant way by providing compelling media to schools that better the lives of their students.

What do you enjoy when not working?

As a romantic, I enjoy much in life. However, little refreshes and enlivens me more than traveling through Mexico on a motorcycle in perfect mountain weather with my wife.