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Virtual Open House

A "stop" is a stop along the journey through your virtual open house. A stop can be a main entrance, a classroom, an auditorium, or football field. 

Cost varies: ~$3245 + hosting fee


Standard vidoes feature a single parent, teacher, student, or staff member with one background. Think science teacher in her science lab talking about science. 

Price varies: ~$550/each


& More

Unlimited Interactive Elements

Specialized Versions

Google Streetview Integration

24/7 Support

360 Video (in development)

Small school with a small budget? Join the club!

We have a place for you and it’s not in the corner or outside in the cold.

What do our clients have to say?

At Glen Urquhart School, as with many independent schools, the traditional admission cycle of school-year visits and open houses has extended to be a year ’round activity. The problem we were having at GUS was not having the ability to showcase the school outside of the admission cycle. Roadblocks were an empty school with no access to teachers, facilities updates, and auxiliary programs running during breaks and off-calendar times.  It was aggravating because our Admission and Marketing group wanted the school to be ready to show at all times but that was not the priority or natural cycle of the school. The facilities simply could not be “tour ready” at all times and teachers are not always on campus to “tell their story.” C3D provided an easy, accessible way to capture the school environment-teacher interviews, classroom features, and our 23-acre campus. Working with Jonathan was a pleasure to work with, as we partnered to create an immersive tour, due to his flexibility, creative problem solving, and get-it-done attitude.  It reduces the stress of having to tell the GUS story without the benefit of the classrooms’ in-school year activity. – Joanna Murphy Scott, Glen Urquhart School


1: Prepare

Usually over a video conference, we evaluate  your project needs, budget, and timeline.

2. On-Site

We come to you and spend 2-4 days onsite. Edits and processing average only a month.

3. Share

Your virtual open house is embedded on your website, uploaded to Google and distributed via every channel that exists.